Community Health Worker

Teams Initiative

The Kansas Healthcare Collaborative (KHC), in partnership with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), works with clinics interested in embedding teams of Community Health Workers (CHW) at clinics in any county in Kansas.
Recent research shows employing CHWs can:
  1. Improve health outcomes
  2. Increase patient satisfaction
  3. Reduce costs
  4. Reduce health disparities.
CHW teams will work to provide greater access to COVID 19 prevention and response while addressing chronic diseases and access to social determinants of health that exacerbate COVID 19.
Community Health Workers

A CHW is a frontliner worker that is a trusted member of the community in which they work. They are a trusted liaison to link individuals with services to improve health quality. A CHW is a resource to provide education, support and advocacy between the health system, social services, and community resources.

Eligibility: The ideal clinics must have an innovative spirit.  Having a National Diabetes Prevention Program in place is preferred but not required. 
Clinic Benefits
  • Funding for up to (5) fulltime staff positions dedicated 100% to the team
    • One Program Director, Health Navigator, Home Health Nurse
    • Two Community Health Workers
  • KDHE will consider teams of fewer than five team members for communities who may not be able to support a five-person team
  • Funding to cover necessary supplies, training, and travel for staff
  • Technical support from KHC and KDHE Staff to establish clinic workflow, data collection, and supplemental training
  • Training to support CHWs, delivery of National Diabetes Prevention and Healthy Heart Ambassador, Self-Monitored Blood Pressure Program scheduled as soon as CHW Teams are hired.
  • Sustainability planning and support
Clinic Responsibilities
  • Integration of the CHW team into the clinic workflow
  • Participation in COVID 19 prevention and response events in the community
  • Implementation of National Diabetes Prevention Program and Healthy Heart Ambassador, Self-Monitored Blood Pressure Program
  • Space for team to meet with patients and conduct classes
  • Completion of necessary data reporting and success stories collection including requested demographic information on program participants
  • Regular meetings with KHC and KDHE staff for ongoing technical assistance and quality improvement
  • Clinics are expected to begin setting up CHW team immediately upon acceptance of offer.
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